At American Jewelry, Inc. we provide our customers an array of fine jewelry options, sourced from the highest quality diamonds, gold and gemstones. Here are just a few of the products we offer.


Diamond jewelry

At American Jewelry, we have some of the most beautiful, highest quality diamond jewelry you will find. If you’ve been looking for the perfect ring, bracelet, pendent or other jewelry, you’ll immediately be able to see that we are better than any chain jewelry store or mall store. We’ve got over 100 years of combined experience sourcing, purchasing and crafting diamond jewelry … you won’t find that in many other jewelers.

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Engagement rings

Engagement rings are part of one of the most important events in your life. Since it is such a special occasion, you should get the best ring you can. If you want a great deal on a fabulous engagement rings in Pigeon Forge, that will make her feel special for decades to come, you owe it to yourself to visit our showroom or browse our online selections

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Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry is often in high-demand, especially for collector, enthusiasts or those who are in the market for a different or retro style.

But, if you don’t happen to know a lot about estate jewelry, it’s hard to know what pieces are worth investing in.

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