Shop engagement rings

So often, people struggle when they shop engagement rings. When you’re wrapped up in the emotion of popping the question, it’s hard to balance those feelings with being practical.

Whether you’re a devout romantic or someone who believes in a down-to-earth approach to major purchases, most people could use a knowledgeable guide to lend a hand.

The truth that we all seem to know is that an engagement ring is an expression of our deepest feelings. So, when you’re faced with buying an engagement ring (something you may not know that much about), you’re totally out of your comfort zone. It’s true for nearly everyone.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips to help you shop engagement rings. When you’re done, feel free to give us a call or drop by and one of our knowledgeable engagement ring professionals will be able to further help you in your search for the perfect token of your love.

Tips when you shop engagement rings

Establish your budget

Knowing what you can realistically spend is crucial to getting making the best choices when you shop engagement rings. At American Jewelry, we will talk to you about your budget to help you get the ring that is best for you and your love.

Find the right jewelry store

The truth is, there are many jewelry store options in Pigeon Forge and surrounding areas. However, not everyone has the same experience, offer the same quality, has built a reputation of trust or has the staff willing to look out for your best interest. Look for stores that have accreditation from national or global organizations. Think carefully about choosing a national chain, instead of a company that has roots in your community. Most of all, do your research about what past customers have said about a company’s quality, service and price.

Wedding band or not?

Traditionally, a wedding band is chose to give to her at your wedding ceremony. Having a matched set of engagement ring and wedding band is most people’s preference (bridal set). The wedding band should complement the engagement ring. Knowing her style will help you choose a wedding band that will also suit her taste.

What kind of stone?

Diamonds are typically the gemstone of choice for an engagement ring. However, there are other options and many of them are gaining in popularity.

For instance, some gemstones that could be added or a centerpiece to an ring include a ruby or sapphire. If you do choose a diamond engagement ring, make sure you learn about the 4 C’s of buying a diamond. (You should read it, first. However, one of our jewelry professionals will go over this and more with you when you visit our showroom.)

What type of metal?

Out of all the metals available for you to choose from, platinum is the obvious choice for durability and purity. However, there are many popular options, including gold, titanium, palladium or gold. Also, there are many types of gold available, including yellow gold, white gold, green gold and rose gold.

Know her size

This is your first step before you shop engagement rings. If you don’t know or can’t easily find out, ask a close friend. If that doesn’t work, sneak a spare ring out for a day and go get it sized.

Pick a shape

Believe it or not, this often is a difficult choice for people. If you know what shapes or styles of jewelry your future fiance’ prefers, it makes it much easier. The shape refers to the geometric shape of the stone you choose. For example, in a diamond, shapes include round, oval, pear, princess, marquise, cushion, radiant, etc.

What’s her taste?

This is where your knowledge of her style, likes/dislikes, etc. comes into play. If you know about what her tastes are, this will make your choice so much easier.

If you want the best for her …

If you are keeping her in mind as you shop engagement rings, take some time to:

  • Learn what her tastes are in jewelry
  • Decide what shape diamond best suits her style
  • Collect examples to show us when you come in
  • Make sure you know her size

Our custom jewelry makes creating your perfect ring possible. You will appreciate the time you take to prepare before you shop engagement rings.

American Jewelry is more than happy to help educate you on trends and options. However, nothing can take the place of your own, personal knowledge of your future bride.